I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Air Force Honor Guard Association.  I place tremendous importance on the responsibility bestowed upon me to lead this esteemed organization.  I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Matt Lewis, for his leadership and many contributions to the AFHGA during his presidency, as well as the other members of the outgoing Board of Directors: Andrew Davis, Pat Crosby, and the late Jeffrey Fawcett.  I am inspired by their commitment to the association, determination, and accomplishments.


 Since its inception in 1998, the success of the AFHGA has been collectively enabled by the giants who came before us and on whose shoulders we stand today (i.e. the past Presidents, past Board of Directors, and countless individual contributors and donors).  I look forward to continuing the work of fulfilling the mission and vision of the AFHGA and honoring the rich heritage and legacy of all Ceremonial Guardsmen, both past and present.  In this endeavor, I am joined by my colleagues on the AFHGA Boards of Directors – Vice President, CMSgt (Ret) Diane Munson, Treasurer, Larry Pugliese, and Secretary, CMSgt (Ret) Dave Richards.  The new Board of Directors has established a list of strategic priorities and has begun aggressively addressing them.  The initiatives include:

  • Modernizing the AFHGA enterprise by embracing new technologies and automation

  • Radically improving member services, communication, and overall responsiveness

  • Clearly developing and articulating the value and benefits of being an AFHGA member

  • Establishing an all-inclusive annual operating budget to include itemized overhead and reoccurring costs

  • Assessing the AFHGA’s existing support to the active duty component and look for ways to provide maximum impact and add substantive value to USAFHG airmen

  • Initiating a comprehensive outreach program to all current and former Ceremonial Guardsmen followed by an exhaustive membership drive

  • Planning and executing a series of fundraising activities in advance of the 70th Anniversary festivities

  • Collaborating with USAFHG leadership to plan, organize, and execute the 70th Anniversary Reunion

  • Establishing the AFHGA as the central figure for collecting, validating, preserving, and heralding the illustrious history and heritage of the USAFHG


To ensure we effectively leverage the wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience of those who have previously served the AFHGA, I have appointed AFHGA co-founder CMSgt (Ret) Tim Dickens and former AFHGA President Chuck Porter to serve as Strategic Advisors to the AFHGA Board of Directors.  With the continued support of the USAFHG family, the unwavering commitment and dedication of the AFHGA Board of Directors, numerous volunteers, and generous donors, I am confident we will succeed in successfully advancing the mission of the AFHGA and unite and serve past, present, and future generations of USAFHG Ceremonial Guardsmen for years come.

                                                                                                           To Honor With Dignity,




                                                                                                           Ken Holmes

                                                                                                           AFHGA President