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Advance the mission of the USAFHG by fostering camaraderie and unity, serving and supporting past, present, and future generations of USAFHG Ceremonial Guardsmen, associates, and honorary members while preserving and heralding the history, heritage, and traditions of the USAFHG


Develop and strengthen the common bonds, shared experiences, and organization ties that exist between USAFHG Ceremonial Guardsmen

  • Support Air Force recruiting and retention programs

  • Reinforce public confidence in the United States Air Force

  • Support United States Air Force community relations and its people-to-people programs

  • Sustain ties of fellowship and kinship between past and present members of the United States Air Force Honor Guard

  • Maintain unity by means of having reunions for all members of The Association


The creation of the Air Force Honor Guard Association traces its roots to 1993 when USAFHG Superintendent CMSgt Tim Dickens and USAFHG Drill Team Commander Capt Dan Comeau began discussing the need to establish a permanent organization that would further develop the unique bonds and shared experiences that exist between former and current USAFHG Ceremonial Guardsmen.  Over the course of the next four years, Chief Dickens and Capt Comeau enlisted the services of other like-minded individuals to begin the process of developing the foundation on which the association would be build.

In early 1998, the Air Force Honor Guard Association officially came into being when a governing body was formed to begin the task of formally drafting the association's bylaws, mission and vision, and election process.  Later that summer year, during the USAFHG 50th Anniversary Reunion, attendees nominated candidates and held ballot elections to select the individuals who would serve as the inaugural AFHGA Board of Directors.  MSgt (Ret) Ken Brewster was selected to lead the Board of Directors as the first AFHGA President.  Since its inception, the AFHGA has professionally served and supported the men and women of the USAFHG, both past and present, for twenty consecutive years.

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