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Associate memberships are extended to all persons, associates, and special friends who support the AFHGA/USAFHG.  Examples of Associate Members are persons who served on USAF Base Level Honor Guards, but were not directly assigned to the USAF Honor Guard at Bolling AFB/Joint Base Anacostia Bolling; widows and/or widowers of USAFHG personnel or Alumni Members; or other individuals who would like to support or be affiliated with the AFHGA/USAFHG.  All Associate Membership requests are subject to review and approval by the AFHGA Board of Directors.

  • Maintain a sense of community and camaraderie by renewing, maintaining, and building relationships with seven and half decades of USAFHG Ceremonial Guardsmen

  • Membership in the only professional non-profit organization dedicated to serving the men and women of the USAFHG, both past and present

  • Contribute to ensuring the proud history, heritage, and traditions of the USAFHG are preserved and heralded

  • Attend annual reunions, picnics, and other AFHGA/USAFHG ceremonies and events

  • Access to online services to include the AFHGA store, events calendar, and other AFHGA/USAFHG related links, products, and information

  • The opportunity to give back, support, serve, and stay connected with the USAFHG family

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